6.9.3. Installation

The pedal has the system of an unblocking working at the time of collision. Do not concern system of a pedal: the pedal can spontaneously fall to a floor (fig. 6.45).

Do not delete to the check before installation and an inhaling of fixture of pedal knot.

Fig. 6.46. Line of a cut checks

Cut off to the check in the place shown in the figure 6.46 by a dotted line.
Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.
Tighten 21 N demanded by the moment · m of a nut of fastening of a fork of a pedal of a brake.

Fig. 6.47. Removal checks

Remove to the check from a pedal (fig. 6.47).

Check existence and blocking of a connecting axis between a pusher of the vacuum amplifier of brakes and a pedal of a brake.

Adjust position of the switch of a stoplight.
Attach wires to plugs of the rechargeable battery, since the plus plug.