1. Operation and maintenance of the car

Description of the car
 Technical characteristics
 Identification data of the car
 Wheels and tires
 Filling capacities of units and systems, the recommended operational materials
 Keys, locks of doors, hatch, anticreeping system
 Opening and closing of doors in the usual way
 Opening outside
 Locking and unlocking of doors in the usual way
Governing bodies and instrumentations
 Combination of devices
 Steering wheel
 External rear-view mirrors
 Internal rear-view mirror
 Alarm system
 Devices of external lighting
 Screen wipers and windscreen washers of a windshield
 Regulator and limiter of speed
Equipment of salon
 Front seats
 Head restraints of back seats
 Head restraints of front seats
 Seat belts
 Safety cushions
 Safety cushion of the driver and forward passenger
 Hours and temperature of external air
 Window regulators
 The roof hatch with the electric drive
 Back sun-protection blind
 Plafond of illumination of a forward part of salon
 Plafond of illumination of a back part of salon
 The lamps which are built in panels of doors
 Ware offices in side doors
 Ware offices in a floor from the driver and the forward passenger
 Ware office under a forward central armrest
 Ware office from the passenger
 Ashtray and lighter
 Socket of power supply of the additional equipment
Heating and conditioner
 Ventilating deflectors
 Governing bodies
 Automatic climatic installation
Driving of the car
 Start of the engine
 Engine stop
 Mechanical transmission
 Parking brake
 Automatic transmission
 Amplifier of steering
 System of maintenance of course stability (ESP) with control of controllability at turn
 Traction control system (ASR)
 Anti-blocking system (ABS)
 System of maintenance / restriction of speed
 The air pressure control system in tires
Service of the car
 Rechargeable battery
 Spare wheel
 Set of the automobile tool
 Decorative cap and decorative cap
 Replacement of a wheel
 Replacement of halogen lamps of headlights
 Start of the engine from the rechargeable battery of other car
 Replacement of a battery of the card of Renault
 Brushes of screen wipers
 Table 1.1 Technical characteristics of engines (all models)
 The table 1.2 Air Pressure in tires in a cold state (all models)
 Table 1.3 the Filling capacity of the cooling system of the engine and the applied cooling liquid (all models)
 Table 1.4 Frequency of Maintenance and Name of Works
 Table 1.5 Search and elimination of malfunctions