6.6. Check, removal and installation of a vacuum uslitel of brakes

Check of operation of the vacuum amplifier
Tightness check

Operation of the vacuum amplifier of brakes located on a motor board is based on use of depression of an inlet collector and pressure of atmospheric air. After completion of each operation including removal of any of elements of the brake system make a control trip for check of work of brakes of the car. Check brakes at the movement on the pure, dry and flat road. Other test conditions can result in inexact results. Check brakes at various speeds, both at low, and at big load of brakes. The car has to stop evenly, without withdrawal aside. Avoid blocking of brakes as tires are as a result damaged and efficiency and controllability when braking decreases.
Work of brakes is also influenced by a condition of tires, loading of the car and the angles of installation of forward wheels.