6.13. Removal and installation of front brake shoes

Install the car on the two-rack-mount elevator.
Unblock a steering wheel.
Remove forward wheels.

Fig. 6.59. Removal of a spring and brake hose: 1 – spring; 2 – brake hose

Remove a spring from a forward part of a bracket and a brake hose from a damping rack (fig. 6.59).
Remove two caps from the directing fingers.

Fig. 6.60. Removal of bolts of fastening of the directing fingers: 1 – fastening bolts

Turn off bolts of fastening of the directing fingers (fig. 6.60).
Remove brake shoes.
Suspend a bracket to a damping rack.

Check thickness of brake shoes.
Replace faulty details.
– guides of blocks;
– brackets of brakes;
– brake disks.
Move the piston in the cylinder against the stop.
Turn a brake bracket up.
Remove brake shoes.
Check a condition of details of the brake mechanism.
Replace faulty details.
Establish new blocks.

Fig. 6.61. New blocks: 1 – internal brake shoes; 2 – direction of installation

To avoid noise at the movement, establish internal brake shoes by an arrow down, as shown in the figure 6.61.
– bolts of fastening of the directing fingers;
– a spring on a forward part of a bracket, beginning from below.
Tighten the required moment 30 N · m bolts of fastening of the directing fingers.
Fix a brake hose on a damping rack.

Do not overwind a brake hose.

Establish forward wheels.
Tighten the required moment 105 N · m of fastening of wheels.

Press several times a brake pedal for installation of pistons of wheel cylinders into position.