6.14. Removal and installation of a hose of the forward brake mechanism


Provide collecting brake fluid not to allow damage of the mechanical details and details of a body close to elements of the brake system.

Fig. 6.62. Brake hose

Install the press device on a brake pedal to reduce amount of the following brake fluid.

Fig. 6.63. Removal of a brake hose: 1 – pipeline union

Turn out a brake hose from the union of the pipeline (fig. 6.63).
Turn out a brake hose from a bracket.

Establish wheels for the movement on a straight line as at turn of wheels in one of the parties the hose is overwound.
Make sure that the brake hose does not adjoin to surrounding details.

The springs interfering their twisting at installation are put on the brake hoses delivered in spare parts.

Establish a brake hose on a brake bracket.
Tighten the required moment:
– a brake hose on a bracket (17 N · l);
– a brake hose on the union of the brake pipeline (14 N · м).
Fix a hose tip on an arm, without overwinding a hose.
Make sure that the tip freely enters a shlitsevy opening of an arm.
Establish a spring.
Tighten the union of connection of the brake pipeline with a brake hose, having tracked that the hose was not overwound at an union inhaling.
Remove air from the brake system
Tighten the required moment 6,5 N · m the valve for pumping of the drive of a brake.