6.1. General information

Vacuum amplifier of brakes
Main brake cylinder
Pressure regulator
Sensor of level of brake fluid
Unions and pipelines of the brake system
Brake fluid

The car is supplied by two diagonalno the located brake contours. One contour involves forward right and back left wheels, the second – forward left and back right wheels. During the work only of one of contours it is necessary to press stronger a brake pedal to reach a car zatormazhivaniye. At the same time the course of a pedal increases, and the brake way is extended.
By pressing a brake pedal the pusher presses two pistons of the main brake cylinder which through the amplifier of brakes form pressure in system.
The main brake cylinder is not subject to repair. If it fails, it needs to be replaced assembled. Pistons transfer effort of a pedal by means of a hydrowire to brake supports.
The support pushes the piston of the wheel cylinder which, in turn, presses slips to a brake disk. At a pedal otpuskaniye the piston comes back to a starting position and slips depart from a disk. The distance between slips and a disk leaves 1 mm, however it is enough that the disk freely rotated.

Fig. 6.1. The scheme of the brake drive with diagonal division of contours