6.15. Removal and installation of a bracket of the forward brake mechanism

When replacing brake shoes or a brake disk surely replace blocks or a disk on the other side of the car.

Install the car on the two-rack-mount elevator.
Install the press device on a brake pedal to reduce amount of the following brake fluid.
Unblock a steering wheel.
Remove forward wheels.
Disconnect a brake hose from a brake bracket.

Fig. 6.64. Removal of fastening of the directing fingers: 1 – fastening bolts

Turn off two bolts of fastening of the directing fingers (fig. 6.64).
Remove a brake bracket.
Remove brake shoes.
Check a condition of elements of the brake system (replace the damaged details).
Clear guides of brackets and brackets.

Move the piston by means of adaptation (Fre. 1190-01) against the stop in a cylinder bottom.
Establish new brake shoes, since internal.
– brake bracket;
– bolts of fastening of the directing fingers.
Tighten the required moment:
– bolts of fastening of the directing fingers (32 N · l);
– brake hose (17 N · м).

Reliably record a brake hose and wires of the sensor of speed of rotation of a wheel if they were disconnected.
Do not overwind a brake hose.

Establish wheels.
Tighten the required moment:
– the union for pumping of the drive of a brake (6,5 N · l);
– bolts of fastening of a wheel (105 N · м).
If the tank of a hydraulic actuator of brakes was not completely emptied during work, remove air from a part of a hydraulic contour of the brake system. Otherwise remove air from all hydraulic contour of the brake system.
Check the level of brake fluid.