49909390 Assembly of the piston and rod

Fig. 2.178. Installation of the piston on a ring: 1 – ring; 2 – clip

Establish on a prism a ring of B10 and the piston with a support on a ring (focused in the correct situation) and fasten all details with a clip (fig. 2.178).
Make sure that the opening of a piston finger coincides with B10 ring opening.
Grease the aligning mandrel and a piston finger with engine oil.
Implant a piston finger into assembly and check whether freely it rotates. If necessary center the piston.
The following operations need to be expedited not to allow cooling of a head of a rod.
When the piece of solder reaches melting temperature (will turn into a drop):
– remove a solder drop;
– insert the aligning mandrel into the piston;
– insert correctly focused rod into the piston;
– quickly lower a piston finger against the stop of the aligning mandrel in adaptation bottom.
Make sure that the piston finger does not act from the piston at any provisions of a rod.