49909390 Installation of nozzles of cylinders 2 and 4

Install adaptation plate on the block of cylinders (Mot. 1494), without tightening two bolts of fastening.
Establish the conductor in a plate (the end of the conductor has to enter an opening under a nozzle) for centering of a plate.

Fig. 2.158. Installation of a nozzle of cylinders 2 and 4: 1 – bolts; 2 – special adaptation; 3 – conductor

Tighten two bolts of fastening. Take the conductor (fig. 2.158).
Establish a mandrel instead of the conductor. Insert a nozzle into a mandrel.

Its tip has to be sent to installation time of a nozzle to the center of the cylinder.

Fig. 2.159. Zavaltsovka of a nozzle: 1 – conductor; 2 – fillet

Strike several blows with the hammer to a mandrel before contact of a fillet of a mandrel with a support (fig. 2.159).

Fig. 2.160. Check of correctness of installation of nozzles

Check whether nozzles for cooling of the bottoms of pistons are correctly focused. The tag And corresponds to nozzles of cylinders 2 and 4, and a tag In – to nozzles of cylinders 1 and 3 (fig. 2.160).