3.12.1. Technical characteristics

Cars with automatic DP0 transmissions are equipped with the systems "Shift Lock and Lock up".
The Shift Lock system blocks movement of the lever of the selector in case the brake pedal is at the same time not pressed.

When rendering the technical help at failure of the rechargeable battery it is necessary to be guided by indications of the maintenance instruction of the car.

The Lock Up system or blocking of the hydrotransformer allows to establish direct link of the automatic transmission with the engine. It is implemented thanks to the "mini-friction clutch" installed in the hydrotransformer.
The Lock Up system copes EBUAKP.
Lubricant of the automatic transmission is carried out under pressure, therefore, it is provided only at the working engine.
Therefore in order to avoid serious damages it is necessary to carry out the following rules:
– not to go at the switched-off ignition at all (for example, by descent);
– not to move the car, pushing it (for example that come to gas station). If there is such need, observe precautionary measures;
As the drive of wheels of the car is carried out only at the working engine, it is impossible to start the car engine with AKP, pushing it.

Fig. 3.131. Identification marking of the automatic transmission