3.3. Removal and installation of a cable of the drive of coupling


Fig. 3.4. Coupling drive cable

In a motor compartment disconnect a cable from a fork of switching off of coupling (fig. 3.4).
Press a pedal to involve a cable in salon.

Fig. 3.5. Extraction of a cable from a pedal nest: 1 – pedal nest

Take a cable from a pedal nest, lifting it and extending a cable perpendicular to a pedal (fig. 3.5).
Push a cable cover stopper in a motor compartment.
Extend a cable entirely from a motor compartment.

Working in a motor compartment, bring a cable to salon.
Insert a cable into a pedal nest.

Make sure that the cable completely entered a pedal nest.

Attach a cable to a coupling switching off fork.
Press a pedal of coupling and record a cable cover stopper on a front board.