3.9. Removal and installation of a casing and the conducted clutch plate (F4R engine)

Remove the transmission.

Fig. 3.20. Fixing of a flywheel: 1 – clamp

Establish a clamp (Mot. 582-01) (fig. 3.20).
Turn off bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling.
Remove the conducted clutch plate.
The vacuum cleaner or pure fabric clear a coupling casing of dust. Do not use compressed air as inhalation of the dust containing asbestos is unhealthy.
Check a condition of a surface of friction of a flywheel for lack of cracks, a prigar and wear of a surface.
Check a condition of frictional overlays of the conducted clutch plate and in the presence traces of oil or mechanical damages replace the conducted disk with them.

Fig. 3.21. Device for compression of petals of a press spring of a casing of coupling

In the presence of system of automatic selection of a gap squeeze petals of a press spring of a casing of coupling with the help of adaptation (Emb. 1604) (fig. 3.21).


Fig. 3.22. Installation of adaptation in a vice

Establish adaptation basis (Emb. 1604) in a vice (fig. 3.22).

Fig. 3.23. Installation on the coupling casing basis: 1 – coupling switching off bearing; 2 – nut

Establish on the basis a coupling casing, then – the bearing of switching off of coupling and a nut (fig. 3.23).

Fig. 3.24. Nut wraparound

Wrap a nut to the full (fig. 3.24).

Fig. 3.25. Installation of nippers for lock rings

Establish nippers for lock wheels to the place shown in the figure 3.25. arrow.

Fig. 3.26. Compression of a spring: 1 – spring

Squeeze a spring (fig. 3.26).
Completely weaken a nut inhaling (at the compressed springs).
Remove effort of compression from a coupling casing.

Fig. 3.27. Removal of a casing from the basis

Remove a coupling casing from the basis, at the same time be convinced that springs are compressed (fig. 3.27).

Clear vents of a main shaft of the transmission and establish assembly without use of lubricant.
Degrease a flywheel surface under the conducted clutch plate.

Fig. 3.28. The direction of installation of the conducted clutch plate

Establish the conducted clutch plate. The party of a nave with a smaller diameter has to be turned to a flywheel, as shown in the figure 3.28.
For centering of the conducted clutch plate use the plastic mandrel which is a part of a remkomplekt of coupling (Emb. 1518).

Fig. 3.29. Centering of the conducted disk

Establish a coupling casing on a flywheel (fig. 3.29).
Serially in stages tighten bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling (12 N · м).