3.8. Removal and installation of a casing and the conducted clutch plate (K4J and K4M engines)

Remove the transmission.

Fig. 3.18. Fixing of a flywheel: 1 – clamp

Establish a clamp (Mot. 582-01) (fig. 3.18).
Turn off bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling.
Remove the conducted clutch plate.
The vacuum cleaner or pure fabric clear a coupling casing of dust. Do not use compressed air as inhalation of the dust containing asbestos is unhealthy.
Check a condition of a surface of friction of a flywheel for lack of cracks, a prigar and wear of a surface.
Check a condition of frictional overlays of the conducted clutch plate and in the presence traces of oil or mechanical damages replace the conducted disk with them.

Clear vents of a main shaft of the transmission and establish assembly without use of lubricant.

Establish the conducted clutch plate.

Fig. 3.19. Centering of the conducted disk: 1 – mandrel

Center the conducted disk by means of a mandrel (Emb. 1518) (fig. 3.19).
Wrap in stages cross-wise fastening bolts.
Tighten the required moment (20 N · l) bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling (K4J and K4M engines).