4.5.4. Removal and balancing of wheels

At once after road test install the car on the two-rack-mount elevator.
Turn off bolts of fastening of a wheel.
Lift the car.
Release the parking brake.
Make sure that on a wheel there are no deformations from blows (in the presence of deformations replace the damaged details).
Turn a wheel the gate up.
Establish a wheel wrench.
Turn off bolts of fastening and remove a wheel.
Surely clear basic surfaces of a wheel and a disk (or the brake drum).
Keep the basic surface of the balancing stand and all aligning elements in purity (a ring, the platform of a pusher, etc.).
Take measures not to scratch a rim (from light alloy) the device for fixing of a wheel.

Fig. 4.11. Installation of a wheel on the stand

Install a wheel on the stand (fig. 4.11).
For fixing of some light-alloy rims it is required to use an adapter with a diameter of 200 mm for ensuring reliability of fixing.
Fix a wheel.
At turning on of the balancing stand and input of parameters of a wheel include the mode of balancing of "FIN" (exact).
If necessary remove small stones from the drawing of a protector of the tire.
Enter individual parameters of a wheel at turning on of the balancing stand.

Fig. 4.12. Balancing of a wheel

Turn on the stand and check a wheel imbalance which has to be equal to 0 g in each plane of a wheel (fig. 4.12).
If the imbalance exceeds the specified values, remove the established earlier balancing small weights from a wheel and again balance a wheel so that the imbalance did not exceed 0 g in each plane of a wheel.

That balancing small weights did not come off, use only the small weights corresponding to car rims.