4.13. Removal and installation of the back shock-absorber

Irrespective of the used lifting equipment do not use a beam of a back suspension bracket as a support at all.
When replacing one of shock-absorbers it is necessary to replace also the shock-absorber from the opposite side.

Install the car on the two-rack-mount elevator.

Fig. 4.40. Untwisting of a nut of a wheel arch: 1 – nut

Put the car on wheels, remove facing of a wheel arch in the luggage compartment and turn off a nut (fig. 4.40).

Fig. 4.41. Untwisting of a bolt of fastening of the lower end of the shock-absorber: 1 – bolt

Lift the car and turn off a bolt of fastening of the lower end of the shock-absorber (fig. 4.41).
Remove the shock-absorber.

Fig. 4.42. Measurement of length of the back shock-absorber

Check a piston stroke of the shock-absorber and measure its length in a free state in the points shown in the figure 4.42.
Length of the shock-absorber is 402 mm.
If length is less than specified, replace the shock-absorber.
Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.
Previously tighten a bolt of the lower fastening of the shock-absorber.

The final inhaling of bolts of fastening of the shock-absorber is made when the car costs on wheels.

Establish a shock-absorber head in a nest.
Lower the elevator and put the car on wheels.
Combine a shock-absorber head with an opening in the luggage compartment.
Establish a nut of fastening of the top end of the shock-absorber.
Wrap a nut of fastening of the top end of the shock-absorber a preliminary inhaling.
Repeat operation on the other side of the car.
Tighten the required moment:
– nuts of the top fastening of shock-absorbers (140 N · l), holding heads of bolts;
– bolts of the lower fastening of shock-absorbers (105 N · l);
– wheel bolts (105 N · м).
Establish facing of a wheel arch.