4.5.2. Air pressure in tires

Air pressure in the cold tire, bar, with full loading and/or for movement along the highway.

At measurement of pressure on heated-up tires consider its increase from heating within 0,2–0,3 bars, do not lower pressure at all.

In case of change of the size of tires execute calibration of EBU of the electroamplifier of steering: CF088 configuration by means of the diagnostic unit.
The moment of an inhaling of wheel bolts makes 110 N · m.
The most admissible axial beating of a disk at measurement on outer diameter:
– a stamped rim – 0,8 mm;
– a light-alloy rim – 0,3 mm.
The most admissible axial beating at measurement on a board of a disk of 0,7 mm.
– a stamped rim – 45 mm;
– a light-alloy rim – 49 mm.