4.1. General information

Forward suspension bracket – independent, with McPherson racks, the lower cross levers and the stabilizer of cross stability. Racks with twisted springs and the built-in telescopic shock-absorbers fasten the top part to the strengthened body support. The lower part of a rack of a privernut two bolts to the top part of a rotary fist which bears a nave, a brake disk and a support. Naves rotate in the bearings strengthened on rotary fists. The lower part of a rotary fist is connected by means of a spherical support to the lower cross lever of a suspension bracket. The spherical support fastens to the lever bolts, to a nave – by means of a collar with a bolt. The lever the internal end fastens to a body by means of rubber saylent-blocks, limiting side and longitudinal movement of forward wheels.
The stabilizer of cross stability is installed on all models. The stabilizer is connected to levers of a suspension bracket and fastens through rubber support to a stretcher.
The back suspension bracket consists of a beam with longitudinal levers. The beam contains two torsions, two bars of the stabilizer and the cross-piece connecting two longitudinal levers. Torsions and bars of stabilizers connect in the middle a step-ladder, the external ends they are attached to longitudinal levers.
The steering mechanism – ordinary rack type, with a steering column of udaropogloshchayu-Russian cabbage soup. The column is connected to the mechanism an intermediate shaft with two crosspieces. The lower crosspiece of an intermediate shaft fastens to a shaft of the steering mechanism a collar with an eccentric bolt.
The steering mechanism is installed on a forward stretcher, connected to rotary fists of forward racks the steering drafts and steering rod ends passing behind rotary fists. Adjustment of a convergence is provided with rotation of carving fastenings of steering rod ends to steering drafts.
All models are equipped by the amplifier of steering. The pump GUR – traditional, with the belt drive from a crankshaft pulley.

Fig. 4.1. Forward suspension bracket of the Megane II car