3.11.2. Precautionary measures during work with mechanical krobka of transfers

Repair the transmission in the pure room and in a pure workplace.
Carefully clear the transmission before opening it.
At breaks in work carefully cover the open transmission for prevention of hit of foreign particles in it.
With them you make removal of details and action on a desktop with a shock-proof covering (rubber or plasticity of big thickness).
Grease all rotating details and details of synchronizers with immersion in oil of the used brand.
Observe the moments of an inhaling of threaded connections.
Observe precautionary measures when performing adjustments.
Establish the removed details in a former order and in former situation.
Before removal note position of couplings of synchronizers concerning naves.
During assembly you watch that dust or other pollution did not get to the transmission.
Seats under epiploons and devices for installation of epiploons have to be absolutely pure, without traces of lubricant and damages.

Install in the transmission only bearings of the corresponding type.