49909390 Purpose of valves and bulk mouth

Safety valve of excess pressure depression.
In case of overlapping of a contour of recirculation of vapors of gasoline this valve allows to avoid creation in a tank of excessive pressure (inflation of a tank) or depression (because of fuel consumption the tank is crushed).

Restrictive valve.
This valve interferes with introduction to a bulk mouth of a tip of the filling gun for ethylated gasoline or diesel fuel.
The valve of prevention of overflow of a tank and the valve of prevention of an effluence of fuel when capsizing the car.
Working body of the valve of prevention of overflow is the ball.
When the car costs during gas station, the ball leans on a saddle, thereby blocking a certain volume of air in a tank.
At the movement of the car the ball departs from a saddle, opening the message between a tank and an adsorber.
In the tank filled with fuel surely there has to be a certain volume of air. It allows fuel to extend, without causing inflation of a tank.
The valve of prevention of an effluence of fuel when capsizing the car allows to avoid depletion of a tank via the channel going to an adsorber.

Mouth of a bulk opening.
The bulk mouth for unleaded gasoline has:
– a bulk opening of smaller diameter, than at the ordinary filling gun (the restrictive valve). Use of ethylated gasoline leads to damage of system of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases – the oxygen sensor and the catalytic catalyst;
– the valve closing a filling opening in order to avoid volatilization of vapors of gasoline or an effluence of gasoline;
– tight stopper.