2.3.8. Check of an electric gasoline pump (all engines)

Disconnect the bringing fuel-supply line from a toplivoraspredelitelny stage.

Fig. 2.214. The scheme of connection of devices when checking an electric gasoline pump: 1 – the pipeline with the manometer; 2 – device "tee" (Mot. 1311–08); 3 – the bringing fuel-supply line

Connect the pipeline with the manometer from a test set (Mot. 1311-01) to device "tee" (Mot. 1311-08) and the bringing fuel-supply line – to "tee" of a branch pipe of a stage (fig. 2.214).

Perform the procedure of check on the idle engine.

Uncover the block of protection and switching.

Fig. 2.24. Removal of the socket: 1 – socket

Separate the socket of brown color of the block of protection and switching (see fig. 2.24).

Fig. 2.25. Switching block socket detachment: 1 – socket

Connect contact of the socket of brown color with the + plug of the rechargeable battery to put the fuel pump in action (see fig. 2.25).
Measure the pump productivity which has to make 80–120 l/h.