2.3.5. System of fuel feeding (all engines)

In system of fuel feeding without branch of return of fuel to a tank pressure of supply of fuel does not depend on engine loading.

Fig. 2.211. Function chart of a fuel supply system: 1 – stage; 2 – fuel-supply line; 3 – pressure reglyator; 4 – pump; 5 – fuel filter; 6 – adsorber of system of catching of vapors of gasoline

The system consists of the following elements (see fig. 2.211):
– stages without union of a drain fuel-supply line and without fuel pressure regulator;
– the only pipeline going from the fuel tank;
– knot of supply of "the pump-the fuel level sensor-the fuel filter" fuel which part pressure regulator is the pump and the fuel filter (the knot is in the fuel tank);
– adsorber of system of catching of vapors of gasoline.