4.4.3. Special cases of emergence of vibrations

Defect of a design of tires is the possible reason of vibrations. Such defect is externally imperceptible. For its identification it is necessary to execute the corresponding check.

With defect of a design of the tire on a wheel usually establish balancing small weights of big weight (50 g and more on one party of a disk of a wheel).

"Hardening" of shock-absorbers of a suspension bracket.
Cases of emergence of "vibrations" only on roads meet especially smooth covering (on highways or new strips of the high-speed movement). Friction in shock-absorbers in combination with a rigid suspension bracket can cause the jumpings up similar to vibration. This phenomenon stops in usual traffic conditions (at usual maneuver of overtaking, on rougher road surfacing, etc.).
Check the moments of an inhaling of threaded connections and a condition of suspension brackets. After installation of new details or on the new car this phenomenon gradually disappears in process of "grinding in" of details.
Excessive pressure in tires of wheels.
At the rolled tires there is a rebound phenomenon which can be taken for vibrations.