3.1.3. Removal of air from a contour between a tank and the union for removal of air

Establish and record a coupling pedal in the top situation.
Fill a tank of a hydraulic actuator with the certified brake fluid.
Attach installation (Ms. 554-07) to a hydraulic actuator tank.
Remove a cap from the union for removal of air.
Put on the union for pumping of the working cylinder of coupling a transparent tube, having lowered its end in the empty capacity established below the union for pumping.

Fig. 3.1. Preparation of pumping of the working cylinder of coupling: 1 – the union for pumping; 2 – clamp

Press a clamp (fig. 3.1).

Do not pull for a clamp. At any wrong action it is necessary to replace the pipeline.

Open the union for removal of air, having extended the coupling hydraulic actuator pipeline on one click.
Turn on the installation pump (Ms. 554-07).
Wait until in the brake fluid following in capacity is vials of air.

You watch that during removal of air the level of liquid was above the hydraulic actuator pipeline union.

Fixing of the pipeline of a hydraulic actuator of coupling has to be followed by characteristic click.
Switch off about ten times and include coupling.