49909390 First installation of phases of gas distribution

Fig. 2.64. Alignment of camshafts

Turn the engine clockwise (if to take a detached view the GRM drive) so that grooves of camshafts were directed down and were almost in horizontal position, as shown in the figure 2.64.

Fig. 2.65. Installation of a clamp of VMT

Insert VMT clamp (Mot. 1054) so that it was between a balancing opening and a groove for blocking of a bent shaft (fig. 2.65).
Turn a bent shaft in the same direction so that VMT clamp (Mot. 1054) it appeared in a blocking groove of a bent shaft.

Fig. 2.66. Shift of grooves of camshafts in an axial naprvleniye

In adjusting situation grooves of camshafts settle down horizontally and are displaced on an axis down, as shown in the figure 2.66.
Take out VMT clamp.

Fig. 2.67. Blocking of a flywheel of the engine

Remove a protective guard of a flywheel and a pulley of a bent shaft, having blocked an engine flywheel the screw-driver (fig. 2.67).
Establish a clamp of the top dead point (Mot 1054).

Fig. 2.68. Removal of covers of the GRM drive: 1 – top cover; 2 – lower cover

Uncover top and lower the GRM drive (fig. 2.68).

Fig. 2.69. Removal of the heat-shielding screen: 1 – heat-shielding screen

Remove the heat-shielding screen (fig. 2.69).

Fig. 2.70. Nut of fastening of an axis of a tension roller: 1 – nut; 2 – bypass roller

Weaken a GRM drive belt, having turned off a nut of fastening of an axis of a tension roller (fig. 2.70).
Shoot bypass a video, a belt of the GRM drive and the cogged pulley of a bent shaft.

Do not turn a bent shaft of the engine in the direction, the return to the direction of rotation at all.