1.2.7. Screen wipers and windscreen washers of a windshield

The cars equipped with a screen wiper with automatic inclusion of a faltering operating mode
Steklomyvateli of a windshield and headlights

At the working engine or in an operating mode of the additional equipment install the lever of the understeering switch in the necessary situation:

Fig. 1.45. Screen wiper operating modes

And – it is switched off;
In – the faltering mode.

Fig. 1.46. Faltering operating mode of a screen wiper: 1 – average ring of the lever; 2 – ring

After each running cycle of a brush of a screen wiper stop for several seconds. Pause duration between running cycles can be changed turn of a ring of 2 (fig. 1.46).
With – continuous work of screen wipers with small speed.
D – continuous work of a screen wiper with high speed.
At the movement any stop of the car leads to reduction of speed of work of a cleaner. If screen wipers worked with high speed, they switch to work with small speed.
As soon as the car starts, screen wipers come back to an initial operating mode.
Any impact on the lever of the understeering switch has a priority and cancels automatic control mode.