1.6.13. Towage

Access to fastening nests
Procedure of towage
Towage of the car with the automatic transmission

Insert the card of Renault (having uncovered the reader, established in the "free hands" mode) into the reader to unblock a steering wheel and to turn on light devices (a stoplight, indexes of turn, etc.). Night-time on the towed car has to include marker lights.
Besides, at towage of the car surely observe requirements of local traffic regulations and the operating restrictions for admissible mass of the towed car. On this matter address on the service station Renault.

Fig. 1.117. Forward towing loop

For towage of the car it is allowed to use only forward and back nests of fastening of towing eyes (it is strictly forbidden to use for fastening other details of the car) (fig. 1.117). Eyes are intended only for towage; never use them directly or indirectly for raising of the car.