1.6.6. Replacement of a wheel

Fig. 1.105. Jack installation sites

When using a mobile jack surely establish under the car the corresponding supports (see fig. 1.105).

The bearing basis of a body of this car is protected by special structures which provide a guarantee from through corrosion within 12 years.
Do not use the equipment without rubber basic pillows not to damage a factory sheeting of metal.
It is forbidden to lift the car, starting the jack lever under levers of a forward suspension bracket or under a beam of a back suspension bracket.
To lift a forward or back wheel use points of support in the places specified by shooters in the figure 1.105.

For installation of the car on supports lift the car on the one hand and establish supports under the amplifiers provided for installation of a regular jack.
Stop the car on the firm and flat horizontal platform (if it is necessary, enclose a firm subject under a basic heel of a jack), turn on the alarm system.
Turn on the parking brake and then – transfer (the first or a backing) or transfer the selector of the automatic transmission to situation P.
Ask all passengers to go out of the car and to keep away from the carriageway.

Fig. 1.106. Weakening of bolts of fastening of a wheel wheel wrench: 1 – key

Weaken an inhaling of bolts of fastening of a wheel by means of a balloon key of 1 (fig. 1.106). Establish a balloon key so that the effort enclosed to the key handle was directed down.
Holding a jack horizontally, establish its head at nest height for a jack, the next to the corresponding wheel.
Rotating the jack screw manually, move apart a jack and arrange it so that the basic heel partially came under the car.
Turn the jack screw on several turns to lift a wheel over soil.
Turn out bolts and remove a wheel.
Put on a spare wheel a nave and turn it so that fixing openings for fastening bolts in a nave and in a wheel coincided. If bolts are applied to a spare wheel, use them only for fastening of a spare wheel. Wrap wheel bolts and lower a jack. Tighten tighten bolts and as soon as possible address on the service station Renault for check of an inhaling of bolts (the inhaling moment: 110 N · м).