1.3.2. Head restraints of back seats

Situation when using.
Lift a head restraint against the stop, and then lower it before fixing.
Removal of a head restraint.

Fig. 1.52. Fixing of a back head restraint: 1 – clamp

Press a clamp 1 and remove a head restraint (fig. 1.52).

Installation of a head restraint.
Insert head restraint cores into the directing plugs, press a clamp 1 and lower a head restraint.
Press a clamp 1 and completely lower a head restraint (see fig. 1.52).

Fig. 1.53. The provision of a head restraint at the movement without passenger

In the presence of the passenger on a back seat it is not necessary to leave a head restraint in completely lowered situation.

As the head restraint is one of safety elements, monitor its correct installation.