1.6. Service of the car

 Opening of a cowl
 Safety clamp of a cowl
 Closing of a cowl
Rechargeable battery
Spare wheel
 The car completed with a spare wheel with the small-sized tire
Set of the automobile tool
Decorative cap and decorative cap
 Decorative cap
 Decorative cap
Replacement of a wheel
 Tires and traffic safety
 Operation of tires
 Replacement of tires
Replacement of halogen lamps of headlights
 Headlights of driving/passing beam
 Cleaning of headlights
 Block of safety locks
Start of the engine from the rechargeable battery of other car
Replacement of a battery of the card of Renault
Brushes of screen wipers
 Replacement of brushes of screen wipers of a windshield
 Replacement of a brush of a screen wiper of back glass
 Access to fastening nests
 Procedure of towage
 Towage of the car with the automatic transmission