1.3.5. Safety cushions

General information

Fig. 1.57. Megane car security system: 1 – prednatyazhitel of seat belts (driver and forward passenger); 2 – pyrotechnic coils of seat belts on back side seats; 3 – prednatyazhitel of a zone branch of a seat belt of the driver and forward passenger on 5-door "hatchback"; 4 – safety cushions of antisliding of the driver and the forward passenger on 3-door "hatchback"; 5 – frontal safety cushions with two gas generators (dvukhobyemny); 6 – side chest safety cushions in backs of front seats; 7 – side blinds of safety; 8 – side chest safety cushions for back seats (if the car is equipped by them)

The security system of the Megane car is shown in fig. 1.57.