1.3.6. Safety cushion of the driver and forward passenger

Principle of action
Feature of a frontal safety cushion
Additional devices of safety of passengers on back seats
Limiter of effort of a tension of seat belts
Side safety cushions
Side blinds

Driver's seat and the forward passenger are supplied with safety cushions.

Fig. 1.58. Location of a safety cushion of the forward passenger

The inscriptions "Airbag" on a steering wheel and on a guard of devices (an area of coverage of a safety cushion And), and also the corresponding sticker on the lower part of a windshield demonstrate that this equipment is installed on the car (fig. 1.58).
The system of each safety cushion includes:
– the safety cushion and a gas generator which are built in in the central panel of a steering wheel (for the driver) or in the dashboard (for the forward passenger);
– the general electronic block consisting of the sensor of blow and system of tracking for gas generator igniter inclusion;
– the uniform control lamp located on a guard of devices;
– the additional sensor of frontal blow which is taken out forward.

The safety cushion is put in action by the system supplied with the gas generator which at inflation of a pillow lets out smoke and allocates heat quantity (you should not be frightened – it does not mean the beginning of the fire), cotton is also distributed. At operation of a safety cushion the driver can receive the insignificant and quickly taking place injuries of skin.