3.13.5. Removal and installation of a protective cover of the external hinge of a shaft of the drive of a forward wheel (K4J, K4M engines)

Remove a wheel drive shaft from the relevant party.
Remove covers of shaft of the drive of wheels.
Have a bite or cut two collars, without damaging a flute on the hinge case.
Cut a cover.
Remove as much as possible lubricant.

Fig. 3.193. Removal of a cover of the tripodny hinge

Uncover the tripodny hinge (fig. 3.193).

On the case of the hinge there is no lock uvula, he acts without application of effort.
Do not shoot videos from pins as rollers and needles are earned extra to each other and should not be interchanged the position.

Fig. 3.194. Removal of a lock ring of the tripodny hinge

Remove a lock ring (fig. 3.194).

Fig. 3.195. Spressovka of the tripodny hinge

By means of a press press the tripodny hinge, using a stripper (fig. 3.195) as an emphasis.

Note position of the tripodny hinge before removal.

For simplification of installation of a protective cover slightly grease a wheel drive shaft.
Grease the hinge case.
Put on a cover a power shaft.
Establish a corbel of small diameter of a cover in a wheel drive shaft flute.
Insert the tripodny hinge, keeping the situation noted at removal.

Fig. 3.196. Assembly of a shaft

Establish a lock ring (fig. 3.196).
Install the hinge case.
Fill equally with lubricant in the required quantity a cover and the case of the hinge.
Arrange speakers cover corbels in flutes.

Fig. 3.197. Adjustment of amount of air in the hinge

Enter a core with the rounded-off edges between a cover and the case of the hinge to adjust amount of air in the hinge (fig. 3.197).