49909390 Check of installation of phases of gas distribution and tension of a belt of the GRM drive

Combine the mobile index with motionless or with dredging depending on option of execution of a tension roller.
Tighten the required moment (27 N · l) a nut of fastening of an axis of a tension roller.
Before check of installation of phases of gas distribution be convinced of the correct provision of indexes of a tension roller.
Wrap VMT clamp (Mot. 1489) in an opening of the block of cylinders.
Slowly and without breakthroughs finish a bent shaft against the stop in a clamp.
Install (without making efforts) adaptation (Mot. 1496) for fixing of camshafts (grooves of camshafts have to be in horizontal position below axes of shaft.

Eesli the device for fixing of camshafts does not get up into place, establish repeatedly phases and gas distribution adjust a GRM drive belt tension.

Take out VMT clamp.