49909390 Headlights of driving / passing beam

Fig. 1.108. Removal of covers: And, In – covers

Uncover And or V. Razjedinite the socket 3 or 6 (fig. 1.108).

Fig. 1.109. Replacement of lamps of a headlight: 1 – iodic lamp of H7; 2, 4 – spring clamps; 3, 6 – sockets; 5 – iodic lamp of H1; 5 – control panel; 7, 8 – the boss

Disconnect a spring clamp 2 or 4 and take a lamp (fig. 1.109).
Do not touch with hands a glass flask of a lamp. You hold it for a metal socle.
Having replaced a lamp, be convinced that the cover is established correctly.
When replacing lamps of forward marker lights take a cartridge 7 to get a lamp.
For replacement of a lamp of the index of turn turn on a quarter of a turn a cartridge 8 and take a lamp.

For the headlights equipped with glass from polycarbonate use of the lamps which are not letting out ultraviolet rays of anti U is obligatory. V. 55 W (use of other lamps can lead to a headlight exit out of operation).
It is recommended to acquire a set of spare lamps in advance.