49909390 Replacement of brushes of screen wipers of a windshield

Fig. 1.115. Scheme of replacement of brushes of screen wipers of a windshield: 1 – brush; 2 – clamp; 3 – lever; 5 – hook; And, In – the directions of removal

At the stopped engine lift the lever of a screen wiper of 3 (fig. 1.115).
Establish a brush in horizontal position.
Press a clamp 2 and shift a brush to the screen wiper lever basis so that completely to release a hook of the 5th lever of a screen wiper.
Take a brush aside (in the direction A) and remove it from the screen wiper lever (in the direction B).
Establish a brush in the return sequence. Check reliability of fastening of a brush on the screen wiper lever.

At a negative temperature of air be convinced that brushes of screen wipers did not freeze to glass: it can cause an overheat of the electric motor of screen wipers.
You watch a condition of brushes, replace them at deterioration of purification of glass (approximately once a year).