49909390 Block of safety locks

At emergence of malfunction of one of electric devices check the corresponding safety locks.

Fig. 1.110. Location of the block of safety locks in salon навтомобиля: 1 – block of safety locks; 2 – cover

Open a cover 2 (under a steering wheel or in a ware box) (rice. 1.110).
Determine purpose of safety locks by their label.
Check the corresponding safety lock and if necessary surely replace it new, having the same value of rated current.
At installation of a safety lock with great value of rated current of a wire strongly heat up that is fraught with the fire because of overconsumption by the equipment of electric energy.

Fig. 1.111. An example of the serviceable and fused safety locks: 1 – tweezers

Take a safety lock from a nest the tweezers 1 which are in a cover of 2 (fig. 1.111).
To take a safety lock from tweezers, shift a safety lock aside, as shown in the figure 1.111. It is not recommended to use free nests for storage of spare safety locks.

Fig. 1.112. The block of safety locks in a motor compartment: 1 – block of safety locks

Some chains are protected by the safety locks located in a motor compartment (fig. 1.112).