49909390 Operation of tires

Fig. 1.107. Indication of wear of tires: 1 – wear indicators; 2 – ledges indicators

Tires have to be in good repair, and the drawing of a protector – rather deep. The tires recommended for use by technical departments of Renault have special indicators of wear 1 which are formed on a wheel racetrack in the form of ledges (fig. 1.107).
At wear of the drawing of a protector to the level when ledges indicators 2 become visible, it is necessary to replace tires since indicators show that depth of the drawing of a protector decreased to 1,6 mm and coupling of the tire with the wet road will be bad.
Mistakes when driving the car, such as arrivals on obstacles (for example, on curbstone), can lead to damages of tires and violation of the correct geometry of a forward suspension bracket.
The car overload, the long movement on high-speed highways, especially in hot weather, or constant driving on roads with a bad covering cause bystry wear of tires and reduce traffic safety of the car.