49909390 Search of leaks

Fig. 8.137. The tool for search of leak of coolant: 1 – capsule; 2 – ultra-violet lamp

For search of places of leaks the contrast substance delivered in capsules for one-time use is used, traces of leaks are found by means of an ultra-violet lamp (fig. 8.137).
Contrast substance remains in the air conditioning system.
By means of an ultra-violet lamp it is possible to check a condition of a refrigerating contour.

In the presence of the characteristic fluorescing traces it is forbidden to enter to ontrastny substance into a refrigerating contour.
Enter a dose of contrast substance in case of lack of characteristic fluorescent traces and the precautionary label (about use of contrast substance in the past).

Introduction of contrast substance to a contour.
Install system of introduction of contrast substance on the valve of low pressure, 3 and on cars with the only valve.
Enter contrast substance into a contour.
Turn on the conditioner and let's it work about 15 min.

Procedure of identification of leaks.
Make preliminary check (at the idle engine), having carried out by a beam of an ultra-violet lamp п about a refrigerating contour.
If leaks are not revealed:
– carefully clear external surfaces of details of a refrigerating contour,
– turn on the compressor of the conditioner and do not switch off before definition of the place of leak of coolant (at failure check a condition of the evaporator).

After use of contrast substance surely specify the fact of its use and date of operation on the precautionary label (delivered together with the capsule of this substance). The label should be pasted in a visible place near filling valves of a refrigerating contour (on a basic cup of a damping rack).