8.9.9. Removal and installation of the sensor of pressure

Install the car on the two-rack-mount elevator.
Disconnect wires from plugs of the rechargeable battery, since the minus plug.

The automatic locking valve isolates a contour from the atmosphere at dismantle therefore there is no need to merge coolant from a refrigerating contour.

Remove a front bumper.

Fig. 8.159. A detachment of a block of wires from the fuel pressure sensor: 1 – fuel pressure sensor

Disconnect a block of wires from the sensor of pressure of fuel (fig. 8.159).
Remove pressure sensor.
The three-functional sensor of pressure installed at the condenser exit provides protection of a refrigerating contour:
– the power-supply circuit of the compressor is disconnected at pressure decrease to: 2 bars,
– the power-supply circuit of the compressor is disconnected at increase in pressure to: 27 bars.
The sensor transfers to EBU of system of injection value of pressure of coolant in a refrigerating contour.
EBU of system of injection operates engine cooling system electric fans depending on the size of high pressure in a refrigerating contour and from the speed of the movement of the car.

Fig. 8.160. Fuel pressure sensor

Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.
Check a condition of a sealing ring.
Tighten the specified moments:
– pressure sensor (9 N · l);
– bolts of fastening of a cover of the rechargeable battery (4 N · м).

Connect the rechargeable battery and execute necessary programming.

When replacing to a lapan tighten the valve the moment of 8 N · m by means of a key (Mot. 1608).

Check operability of a siyetema of air conditioning during the operation of the electric fan at the maximum speed.
Execute search of leaks.