8.2. Repair of damages of a body

Sequence of actions

Before repair it is necessary to execute a number of checks to be convinced that elements of bearing body basis which provide behavior of the car on the road did not suffer during blow.
As a rule, welded details of a framework of a body do not replace, will not be convinced yet, of lack of irreversible damages of a body.
Examine a power framework of the car on existence of the folds which are formed owing to deformation, in a zone of the opening body elements.
Check whether gaps between body details meet standard, whether edges of the holder of a sealant of a door are crumpled.

Fig. 8.1. Check in zones of fastening of mechanical knots

Carry out an inspection in zones of fastening of mechanical knots, excepting so-called "vulnerable" zones (on change of thickness of a detail, absence of damage of edges of amplifiers, etc.) (fig. 8.1).
In addition to visual check if necessary carry out an inspection by method of comparison of diagonals by means of conductors which allows by symmetry comparison (between the right and left side) to find some deformations.
On some cars extreme lobbies or back points can be asymmetrical. In this case exact values of the sizes are specified in the repair manual of the corresponding car.
To reveal, influence of blow on behavior of the car on the road, check the angles of installation of wheels.
In certain cases it is not necessary to neglect visual check of details of a running gear which could also undergo deformation.