49909390 Coolant

Characteristics of coolant are specified on the label which is in a motor compartment of the car.
For collecting, creation of depression and gas station of R134A coolant use the pipeline of high pressure of gas station.

Surely muffle openings of pipelines of the air conditioning system caps not to allow hit of moisture in system. Take caps from zapasnykhchasty before their installation only at the last minute.
During the operation of the engine check lack of a leak a techeiskatel in five minutes after gas station; at the same time the heater and the fan of forcing of air have to work in the maximum mode.
Precisely observe all instructions п about an oil doliva during the work with air conditioning siyetema elements.
When replacing valves observe the required value of the moment of an inhaling of 8 N · m.

Fig. 8.135. Filling with coolant