8.9.6. Removal and installation of the condenser

Install the car on the two-rack-mount elevator.
Disconnect wires from plugs of the rechargeable battery, since the minus plug.
By means of gas station merge coolant from a refrigerating contour gas station.
Remove a front bumper.
Remove the forward panel of a body

Fig. 8.156. Bolt of fastening of the pipeline: 1 – bolt

Turn off bolts of fastening of pipelines to the condenser (fig. 8.156).
Disconnect pipelines.
Insert caps into all openings.
Remove the condenser.

Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.
Check reliability of fastening of the condenser.
Replace sealing laying.
For simplification of installation of pipelines oil their ends, used for the air conditioning system.
Tighten bolts of fastening of pipelines (10 N · м).

After replacement of the condenser fill in in the new condenser oil in the volume equal merged, and add 30 ml of the specified oil.

Fill with coolant a refrigerating contour by means of gas station. gas station

Check operability of the air conditioning system during the operation of the electric fan at the maximum speed.
Carry out search of leaks.