49909390 Operation of the display

1. Index of level of oil.
This indication joins approximately on 30 with at inclusion of ignition or after start of the engine.
If the level of oil is between the maximum and minimum values, on the display the message "oil level normal" appears.
If during Z0 with the button of zeroing of the counter of a total run is pressed, on the display by means of small squares oil level is displayed.
In process of decrease in level of oil the quantity of small squares decreases and they are replaced with symbols dashes.
If the level of oil falls to minimum admissible, on the display the message "appears to bring to norm oil level", oil level small squares completely are replaced by symbols – a dash and on a guard of devices the alarm lamp of "service" lights up.
To pass to reading of parameters of the on-board computer, again press the button of start of the engine.

Level of oil is measured in normal service conditions when ignition remains switched off more than one minute, otherwise the value received at the previous measurement is highlighted.
At failure detection of the sensor of level of oil at the time of inclusion of ignition on the display indication of a run at once joins.
Inconstancy of the shown values of level of oil is normal. Various factors can influence it:
– the parking of the car on a bias;
– too short time which passed after start and short operation of the engine (especially, if oil cold), etc.

2. Counter of a total run
Counters of a total and daily run.
Counters of a total and daily run are displayed on the display during about 30 from later inclusion of ignition (after display of data on oil level). Pressing the ADAC button (the button at a screen wiper switch lever end face) allows to reduce waiting time.
The counter of a daily run is nullified by pressing the RAZ button (zeroing). Zeroing of indications of the counter of a daily run differs from zeroing of indications of the on-board computer (the passable distance).

It is impossible to reconfigure indication from kilometers on miles. For this purpose it is necessary to replace a guard of devices.