49909390 Replacement of epiploons of camshafts

Fig. 2.192. Elastomeric epiploon (first option): 1 – spring; 2 – V-shaped working edge

Elastomeric epiploons of camshafts are applied in two options, the elastomeric epiploon in the first option has a spring and a V-shaped working edge (fig. 2.192).

Fig. 2.193. Elastomeric epiploon (second option): 1 – flat working edge; 2 – safety plug

In the second option the elastomeric epiploon has the flat working edge and the safety plug serving also for installation of an epiploon on the engine (fig. 2.193).

Both modifications of an epiploon can be established on the same engine. Epiploons are not interchanged. Surely replace an old epiploon with an epiploon of the same modification, except cases of replacement of one or both camshafts.