2.6.2. Removal and installation of the generator (all engines)

Install the car on the dvukhstoyechnyy elevator.
Disconnect wires from plugs of the rechargeable battery, since the minus plug.
– top covers of the engine;
– right forward wheel;
– right forward flap.

Fig. 2.263. Removal of side amplifiers of a stretcher: 1 – side amplifiers of a stretcher

Remove side amplifiers of a stretcher (fig. 2.263).
Remove a bumper.
Disconnect a block of wires from fog lights (if they are established).
Disconnect liquid supply tubes to a washer of headlights (if it is established) from a windscreen washer tank.
Disconnect tubes from a windscreen washer tank.

Fig. 2.264. Removal of the generator: 1 – fastening bolts

Turn off bolts of fastening of the generator and take the generator by means of the screw-driver (fig. 2.264).

Do not press on a hose of the air conditioning system as it can cause coolant leak.

For simplification of removal of the generator shift a radiator assembled with the condenser a little forward (take precautionary measures not to damage condenser pipelines).


Fig. 2.265. Installation of plugs: 1 – plugs

Insert plugs by means of the nippers or a vice facilitating installation (fig. 2.265).

Surely replace a generator belt together with tension and bypass rollers.

Establish a genrator.
Tighten the required moment (25 N · l) fastening bolts.
Replace a belt of the drive of auxiliary units.
Installation of other equipment is made as it should be, the return to removal.
Attach wires to plugs of the rechargeable battery, since the plus plug.