7.3.9. Headlights with xenon lamps

General information
These cars are completed:
– system of automatic adjustment of each headlight depending on change of height of a body, acceleration, braking and speed of the car;
– washer of headlights.

Do not include a lamp when it is not inserted into a block headlight (it dangerously to sight).
Xenon lamps light up at a voltage of 20000 in and work at the alternating voltage of 85 Century.
Before removing "knot" of EBU and the block of high voltage", wait until they cool down.
Before performance of any works it is necessary to disconnect the rechargeable battery.

The tilt angle of light bunches in the vertical plane is regulated depending on the speed of the movement of the car.
At a speed over 30 km/h range of lighting increases.

In xenon lamps thread of an incandescence is absent. Light radiation in such lamps is generated by two electrodes concluded in the quartz flask containing the compressed gas (xenon) and mercury vapors.
Each headlight is equipped with EBU which are built in the block of high voltage.
This system is checked by means of diagnostic units.
The "EBU — the Block of High Voltage" hub and xenon lamps can be replaced separately from headlights.

The executive mechanism (the step electric motor) cannot be removed from a headlight.
In case of malfunction of the executive mechanism it is necessary to replace a headlight.

Removal and installation of headlights with xenon lamps is made as well as headlights with halogen lamps.

Fig. 7.20. The flowchart of system of lighting with xenon lamps: 1 – sensor of a rain and illumination; 2 – switch of external lighting, indexes of turn and fog light; 3 – TsEKBS; 4 – information on inclusion of the neighbor – driving beam of headlights (from the block of protection and switching); 5 – information on the speed of the movement of the car (from EBU ABS); 6 – height of a forward part of a body (forward sensor); 7 – height of a back part of a body (back sensor); 8 – diagnostic line K; 9 – "EBU — the Block of High Voltage" hub (left headlight); 10 – lamp; 11 – executive mechanism of the proofreader of a left headlight; 12 – "EBU — the Block of High Voltage" hub (right headlight); 13 – executive mechanism of the proofreader of a right headlight; 14 – lamp