7.3.1. Automatic inclusion of external lighting on the standing car (accompanying external lighting)

Depending on modification cars are equipped with system of automatic inclusion of passing beam of headlights (at the idle engine) for illumination of space in front of the car.
This function is carried out only at the switched-off ignition, at neutral position of the switch of external lighting, indexes of turn and fog light the switched-off marker lights and during 30-second periods (no more than two minutes).

Inclusion of function is carried out by the lever of the switch of indexes of turn, external lighting and fog light:
– transfer a card in the reader to the 1st fixed situation;
– turn on quickly driving beam of headlights, having moved the switch lever;
– passing beam of headlights is turned on on 30 pages.

At each switching off of the alarm system driving beam of headlights duration of inclusion of passing beam increases on 30 with (in total no more than two minutes).
This function is turned off at inclusion of marker lights or ignitions.