7.3.10. Replacement of xenon lamps of a headlight of head light

Disconnect wires from plugs of the rechargeable battery, since the minus plug.
For replacement of a xenon lamp it is necessary to remove a headlight.

Fig. 7.21. Removal of a headlight with xenon lamps: 1 – latch

For this purpose, wring out a latch and a cover (fig. 7.21).

Fig. 7.22. Removal of the block of high voltage: 1 – block of high voltage; 2 – executive mechanism of the proofreader of headlights

Remove the block of high voltage, having turned it on 1/8 turns counterclockwise (fig. 7.22).
Disconnect a lamp clamp.
Executive mechanism of the proofreader (step electric motor) not removable.
In case of malfunction of the executive mechanism it is necessary to replace a headlight.

You hold a lamp for a socle.

Do not touch a lamp by fingers and if it occurred, wipe a lamp with the soft not fleecy fabric moistened with alcohol.

Fig. 7.23. Xenon lamp

Establish a lamp (the ledge has to settle down opposite to a headlight flute) (fig. 7.23).
– lamp clamp;
– block of high voltage;
– block of wires of food.

Use only the certified D2S lamps.

Establish a headlight.
Adjust headlights.