2.7.1. General information and precautionary measures during repair of the cooling system

As cooling systems are calculated on work under pressure, be careful of heavy burns from liquid emissions.
Do not remove a stopper of a broad tank on the hot engine at all.
During the works in a motor compartment be careful of also sudden turning on of the fan or fans of a radiator.
Do not open a stopper for removal of air at the working engine.
Carry out washing and filling of system on the warm or cold engine.
Do not wash out the cooling system at all if the engine hot (not to allow strong heatstroke).
On cars of the model range which is released now the closed cooling system of engines under pressure is used (the safety valve in a stopper of a broad tank).
Tarirovochny values of valves of traffic jams of a broad tank, are given below.
Valve of a stopper of a broad tank:
– with the image of a hand of yellow color – 1,4 bars;
– with the image of a hand of white color – 1,6 bars;
– with the image of a hand of gray color – 1,8 bars.
In system only cooling liquid like "D" is used.