49909390 Car service conditions

Driving on the car under following conditions is described:
– the long movement with the included control lamp of the emergency rest of fuel in a tank;
– use of ethylated gasoline;
– use of additives to engine oil or the grades of fuel which are not approved by the Renault company;
– malfunction of system of ignition or full fuel use, or the shutdown of a spark plug which are expressed in admissions of ignition and breakthroughs when driving.
Power deceleration is followed by excessive heating of catalytic converter that can lead to its destruction or put to the car the serious damages caused by an overheat.
At detection of the above described malfunctions urgently address on the service station Renault for carrying out necessary repair work.
Such situations can be avoided if regularly to carry out maintenance of the car at the service station Renault according to the recommendations provided in the service book.